a New Kind of Company
Masamichi Souzou solves for human happiness through the consideration of everything.

In a world where everything is connected, there is no system, activity, or interaction that falls outside our purview. And through the appropriate consideration of every part of this beautifully complex world we work to optimize for human happiness.

Understanding your happiness
Join the revolution and explore your optimized happiness! We support an amazing community of people experimenting with the design of their lives and optimization of happiness. Currently in closed beta. Sign up for the wait list here.

Building support for happiness
Masamichi Souzou undertakes a number of diverse independant projects with an aim to highlight issues around and improve the worlds happiness. Explore some of these ideas below.


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Understanding those you serve
Masamichi Souzou helps organizations understand the complex impact of their activities in the world, and through this understanding we drive the creation of new types of value. Would you like to...

→ Reduce employee turnover and increase retention?

→ Improve your customers satisfaction and joy?

→ Improve organizational performance and longterm outlook?

→ Find new value opportunities?

New Business
Have a project or an idea in mind? We'd love to hear from you.
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Meet our team working to consider everything.

J. Paul Neeley, Founder

Elliott Wortham, Director

Håkon Eide, Technologist

Victor M. Montori, M.D., Medical Advisor

Daniel J. Neeley, Finance & Strategy Advisor


Work with us
Interested in happiness, quantified self, and saving the world? Want to be a part of a whole new kind of company? Get in touch! Our Team is growing!

→ Front End Developer / HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React

→ Mobile Developer / iOS, Android

→ Back End Developer / Go, Python, AWS

→ Designer / UX/UI, Graphics

→ Service Designer / User Experience, Complex Systems

→ Strategy & Operations

→ Congnative Scientist / Happiness, Flow, Creativity, Self-Control

→ Behavioral Economist / Impact, Behavior Change, Modeling

→ Enviromental Economist / Impact, Enviornmental Services, Modeling

→ Writer & Researcher

→ Primary Care Physician / Wellness/Nutrition, SDM, Minimally Disruptive Medicine

Ask us about our three-month internships for fresh new talent.
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Not seeing anything for you? No worries. We're always interested in meeting talented and amazing people. Reach out and let us know what you can bring to the table and why you'd like to work with mmsz.

You'll enjoy working with world class talent on meaningful and exciting projects, in a radically unique work structure and culture. Team members recieve salaries of $1 per year. We belive in the 21 hour work week, and our team members work on mmsz in their after hours and free time from other jobs and pursuits.

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A distinct perspective on happiness
Current business & design practicies optimize for profit and fail to consider the larger cummulative impact of these activities over time, which inveitably lead to catastrophic collapse of systems, like the obesity epedemic, global finacial instability, and climate change.

We believe there are solutions. Masamichi Souzou (正道想像), meaning "Correct Path, Imagined/Created" in Japanese, seeks to know what the world would look like if we optimize everything, not for profit or growth, but for happiness. We are building that world.

→ Watch J. Paul Neeley share his experience with MMSZ and #nkd

→ Learn more about Complexity, Computational Irreducibility, Accelerating Addictiveness, Evolutionary Happiness, Quantified Self, and Everything Considered.

→ Learn more about how this company came into being.

→ Learn more about New Kind of Design. #nkd

General enquiry
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Press enquiries
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