Happiness, by design.
Masamichi Souzou solves for human happiness through the consideration of everything.

In a world where everything is connected, there is no system, activity, or interaction that falls outside our purview. And through the appropriate consideration of every part of this beautifully complex world we work to optimize for human happiness.

Optimizing Happiness
We believe that the ultimate design intent is happiness. It doesn’t matter what we are trying to do in life, better relationships, better job, get fit, eat better, more money, bigger, better, faster, slower, stronger, smarter, etc… we undertake these efforts because we believe that achieving them will help us to be happier.

Happiness is a very complex experience, with many facets. We start with the idea that much of happiness is actually an evolved chemical sensation that lets us know when we are doing things right in terms of survival.

Unfortunately much of the world is not designed to support happiness, and is actually antithetical to its achievement. The world is either haphazard and unconsidered, or companies have designed things in a way to optimize for profit often at the expense of our happiness. Current business & design practices optimize for profit and fail to consider the larger cumulative impact of these activities over time, which inevitably lead to catastrophic collapse of systems, like the obesity epidemic, global financial instability, and climate change.

But what if things were different? What if we designed the world for happiness?

A New Kind of Company
We are Masamichi Souzou (正道想像), meaning "Correct Path, Imagined/Created" in Japanese. We are a company looking to optimize the world’s happiness. We build products and services that support individuals to make changes that will improve their happiness, and to help organizations and governments to put in place supports that will improve the happiness of their employees, partners, customers, and citizens.

We apply the latest design techniques to discover needs, and create new solutions related to happiness. We are a movement, with our contributors working with us to optimize their own happiness and that of their families and communities, believing together that we can redesign the world for happiness.

Our Values
OPTIMISE HAPPINESS - We seek the greatest number of people to experience the greatest possible happiness over the longest period of time. CONSIDER EVERYTHING - Everything in the world is connected together in very complex ways, and nothing falls outside of our purview. UNIVERSAL RESPONSIBILITY - We look to understand and take responsibility for the total impact of all of our actions in the world. INDEPENDENCE - We don’t take outside investment and won’t allow outside money to impact our decisions. GRATITUDE - We are grateful for the opportunities and context that have allowed us to pursue this mission. TEAMWORK - We work together across cultures, generations, and discaplines to utilize the talents and skills of many to achieve our mission.

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Building support for happiness
Masamichi Souzou undertakes a number of diverse independant projects with an aim to highlight issues around and improve the world's happiness. Explore some of these examples of our work.


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Understanding those you serve
We live in a world that is not design for our happiness, but actually optimized for profit. Living in this world can be challenging in terms of happiness, and is related to a variety of negative outcomes from unhealthy stress, lack of creativity, poor health, shallow relationships, a sense of feeling lost, and a lack of calm and contentment. Additionally, many of our western social and cultural constructs, and marketing messages promise us happiness, but in reality fail to help us achieve it.

At, we work with individuals to improve their happiness. We use state-of-the-art design approaches to solve for happiness.


Organizational Happiness Design
An organizational failure to optimize for employee happiness can lead to a variety of negative outcomes from lost productivity and lack of creativity, to increased health costs, low retention, and high attrition. Similarly, when we fail to consider how our products and services impact the happiness of our customers, we miss opportunities to create new value, and to build meaningful relationships with them over time.

At Masamichi Souzou, we work with organizations to improve the happiness of both employees and customers. We use state-of-the-art design approaches to solve for happiness.

Policy Design
A government failure to optimize for citizen happiness can lead to a variety of negative outcomes from lost productivity and lack of creativity, low educational achievement, and increased health costs, to increased crime and socially disruptive behavior, high social care costs, and low democratic engagement. Similarly, when we fail to consider how our cities, societies, and environment impact the happiness of our citizens, we miss opportunities to create new value, and to build meaningful relationships with people over generations.

At Masamichi Souzou, we work with governments and leaders to improve the happiness of their citizens. We use state-of-the-art design approaches to solve for citizen’s happiness.

Let's build something together
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Meet our team working to consider everything.

J. Paul Neeley, Director

Elliott Wortham, Director

Nuzi Barkatally, Product

Håkon Eide, Technologist

Victor M. Montori, M.D., Medical Advisor

Daniel J. Neeley, Finance & Strategy Advisor


Work with us
Interested in happiness, quantified self, and saving the world? Want to be a part of a whole new kind of company? Get in touch! Our Team is growing!

→ Front End Developer / HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React

→ Mobile Developer / iOS, Android

→ Back End Developer / Go, Python, AWS

→ Designer / UX/UI, Graphics

→ Service Designer / User Experience, Complex Systems

→ Strategy & Operations

→ Congnative Scientist / Happiness, Flow, Creativity, Self-Control

→ Behavioral Economist / Impact, Behavior Change, Modeling

→ Enviromental Economist / Impact, Enviornmental Services, Modeling

→ Writer & Researcher

→ Primary Care Physician / Wellness/Nutrition, SDM, Minimally Disruptive Medicine

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You'll enjoy working with world class talent on meaningful and exciting projects, in a radically unique work structure and culture. Team members recieve salaries of $1 per year, after basic needs including, food, clothing, housing, healthcare, and transport are taken care of. We belive in the 21 hour work week, and our team members generally work on mmsz in their after hours and free time from other jobs and pursuits.

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Understanding your happiness
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